Tina Gabriel - Governing Official

As a former Citizenship Judge I had the remarkable opportunity to experience the great diversity of this country at all levels, from sumptuous multicultural festivals to small private functions. I learned that we are different, yet equal. I have been celebrating love for ten years as an Accredited Official. I  enjoy performing ceremonies that embrace our uniqueness as well as our commonalities.

Languages: English; Portuguese; Spanish; French

Gary Pickering

Your wedding ... your way!  I do not believe your ceremony should be a “cookie cutter” event.  All couples are unique and their ceremony needs to reflect and resonate with their personal style.

Regional Charge: Barrie


Wedding Officiants

Allison Brown

I got married 20 years ago after a whirlwind romance, and now have 4 wonderful children. I understand and relish the institution of marriage and its ideals. As a parent I recognize that each child is unique and requires a different approach.  This is also my vision for your special day: unique.      

Kaz Merfield

As a Natural Healing  Energy Practitioner, I strive to bring peace and harmony to mind, body and soul. As a wedding photographer I encouraged individuality and creativity to make each ceremony a one-of-a-kind event. With a loving heart and an open mind, I bring a unique and somewhat whimsical aura to any occasion.

Regional Charge: Pickering

Steve Yee

Thai Yoga Therapist, Tai Chi and Tango instructor for the past 20 years, my passion is LIFE.  I believe in living life to the fullest and immensely enjoy working with people.  I can assist in making your wedding ceremony a very special occasion... I can even dance at your wedding reception ...

Languages:   English and Cantonese

Angela Gonsalves

Your wedding day is your special day. It is a sharing with family and friends of your commitment and love for each other.  I would be honoured to be a part of your day and help you customize your ceremony to make it special for you. Love & Light

Dane Osorio

My day has yet to come ... when it does I want it to be perfect!  I think yours should be as well, and I willing to work with you to create that “perfect” ceremony you are looking for.

Languages:   English and Spanish

Jo-Ann Goldsmith

Marriage is a magical, symbolic and sacred tradition. I love weddings and am genuinely honoured to participate in such a profound moment in people's lives. As a social worker and a doula I am equipped with the skills to encourage people to manifest their unique needs and skills. I can assist in making your special day magical. 

Regional Charge: Downtown Toronto

Bryce Bocarro

Congratulations to both of you as you embark on your exciting new path together. As you unravel the joy, intensity and grandeur the moment and all your future has to offer,   I look forward in joining you as man and wife,  and confidently guide you through the ceremony, helping you absorb all the emotions the moment has to offer so that it is forever etched in your hearts.

Regional Charge: Peel

Carmen Micu; PhD

I am Health Care Practitioner living in  the charming little town of Fergus, ON. My time is split doing the things I love most: officiating weddings, treating patients, studying, and loving my family. I enjoy  working with  couples  “hands on” to help create the ceremony most suitable to their taste. I would be thrilled to reply to all your questions, regarding your special day!

Languages:   English and Romanian

Regional Charge: Fergus and environs

Virginia Pressault

I love that we can all come together to witness the unification of two souls in marriage. I am a Holistic Life Coach and I have had the honour of being present at many individuals’ special moments, from Rites of Passages to Commitment Ceremonies. I would be honoured to help you solemnize your special day.

Valerie Spironello

During my many years as a social worker I have had the honour and privilege of accompanying others through some of the most significant events of their lives. I hold this responsibility as sacred. As your wedding officiant, I will assist you and your beloved to make your day of commitment one that is reflective of your relationship and wishes for your future together. I believe we all have the right to marry/commit to the person with whom we choose to spend our life and to have this commitment witnessed and supported by community. It is my intention to serve as a witness to the promises you make to one another and share in the joy and happiness of your day.

Regional Charge: Hamilton and environs

Jacquelynn Hill

As a Native American, Mohawk Nation Turtle clan from the  Six Nations Reserve, I was raised in the traditional Iroquois life. This way of life taught me traditional healing methods through ceremonies (spirit). I would love to share my unique style of ceremonies with you. Of course, I can also perform traditional non-religious or spiritual ceremonies.  My motto is respect for all beliefs and traditions.

Languages:  English, Mohawk; Cayuga

Sarah Jackson

There are many options when it comes to choosing an Officiant, and it's imperative that you find one who is "just right" for the both of you. With over 10 years’ experience in wedding planning and event management, I can lend my expertise in creating a truly memorable ceremony. I am happily married and have a true passion for love in all of its entirety. I would be honoured to help you create an unforgettable wedding.  I perform marriage ceremonies that fit the style of your relationship because your wedding ceremony should be uniquely yours. 

Regional Charge: Barrie

Ilona  Girzewska

There is nothing more beautiful than the unity of two people in marriage.  My biggest satisfaction comes from knowing that I have made your special day a memory of a lifetime. With my unique and creative touch, I can help you create your perfect day into everything you have always envisioned.

Languages:  English, Polish

Amanda Frederick

It's really quite incredible where our paths lead us in life and what happens along the way. The jobs we choose, the people we meet and those we choose to love make us who we are. I feel so incredibly honoured to be a part of something so important and life changing. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. I love being able to witness that unique bond that every couple calls their own. I look forward to working with you both to help make your day comfortable, memorable and your own.

Regional Charge: Barrie

Marlice MacLeod

My philosophy is that everyone in this world has a right to be happy and enjoy life with the person they love.  My favourite quote is “Being deeply loved by someone gives you  strength; while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” ( Lao Tzu) I would be honoured to share in your happiness as your Official on your special day.

Languages:  English, French

Regional Charge:  Timmins

Ellie Priaro

I lead life with respect, compassion, commitment, grace & integrity, all of which I will effortlessly encompass into all of my ceremonies.  I am passionate about the human spirit and welcome the warmth of tradition, the flair of diversity & most importantly, inclusivity of all things and people that will make your special occasion uniquely beautiful.  It would be my privilege to be a part of the magic and together, we will create a ceremony that will be your most true reflection and forever memorable.

Alayna Munce

When a wedding ceremony is full of care and intention, it can have a profound effect on those gathered, and can even serve as a touchstone in the years to come. As an experienced editor and writer, I can help you craft a ceremony that resonates with your values, needs, hopes and aesthetics—one that has both simplicity and magic, both lightness and depth. A ceremony that sings. I would be honoured to bring my warmth, humour and presence to your day

Regional Charge: Toronto; Muskoka

David  Beal

For the past 15 years I  have provided Couples Music for their wedding as a DJ. I understand that taking this step in your life is a mile stone in your journey to committing your love to someone else and starting a new life together. Getting married is a special occasion and making that a special day for my clients is important and it starts with the Ceremony.  I appreciate what marriage is all about as I appreciate the privilege of solemnizing your  dreams for that special day.

Natalia Dzuybina

I love making people happy.  What better way to to indulge my passion than to celebrate love by uniting two being in matrimony.

Languages:  English and Russian

Mona Buckmiller

Are the plans for your ceremony simple and intimate? Extravagant and elegant? Somewhere in between? Whether your ceremony is on the beach, at a historic inn or country club, atop a Mountain, inside the parlour of a mansion, or in your backyard, I am the professional that will make your ceremony special and memorable.

Regional Charge: Toronto; Espinola, Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie

 Languages:  English and French

Leslie Turcotte

Let’s get you married!

I believe that marriage is an amazing journey you take with your best friend. I would be honoured to help you personalize your wedding ceremony, renew your vows, or preform your commitment or naming ceremony.  Together we will create your special day, your way.  Big or small, non–denominational or spiritual, I am comfortable in any setting and will work with you to make your day as unique as you both are. My goal is to create a ceremony that is attentive to your ideas, needs, personal touches and that starts your life adventure as a couple in the way that reflects your values, beliefs and spirit. 

Regional Charge: Windsor

Katie Beauchamp

As an event planner I have enjoyed sharing one of the most important days in a couple’s life.  I am thrilled with my new role as an Accredited Interfaith Official. Now I will be able to solemnize your declaration of love.  

Regional Charge: Barrie

Sergiy Kotelenet

As a performer  I love making people happy.  What could be better that to celebrate the joy and happiness of a special event in a couple’s life. Tell me the type of ceremony you want and I will make it come true.

Languages:  English, Russian

Regional Charge: Toronto

Brent Millward

As a father, son, brother, husband and a human being, I try and understand relationships. I'll be the first to admit my mistakes and I try to always be honest but I'm not an expert because we are always changing and we are always learning much like your relationship.  What I do see is relationships need attention. The kind of attention that our partners value. So much like your partner may crave certain attentions and you are trying to fulfill those, I will do my best to fulfill your wants as a couple. So I don't just want to say some words to you and your guests, I want to feel those words and I want you to feel them as a couple and believe in them.  Let me help you, as a couple, share this commitment to one another, on one of the happiest days of your life.

Regional Charge: Barrie

Daphne Anastassiadis

The force of love guides, protects, and connects us while allowing one another to see exactly what is exceptional in ourselves.  Marriage is one of the most poetic choices that can be experienced in our lifetime. My background and experience allows me to bring a heartfelt and open authenticity to your wedding day. I would be delighted to help you create a day that celebrates the uniqueness of your relationship.

Regional Charge: GTA

Harriet Jones

I feel that all ceremonies are sacred gifts and beautiful expressions of the heart. As a lecturer, teacher and healer who works with the Angelic realm, I am known for capturing the essence of the soul with the intention of making your dream day come to life by celebrating who you are. This sacred intention allows me to connect with my clients deeply, whilst giving professional attention to the details of your celebration. Should your vision of your day include members of our much beloved animal kingdom, or perhaps requires a unique location that brings you great joy and meaning- count me in to support your adventure! 

Regional Charge: Cabbagetown; GTA

Sabrina Thompson

I am a romantic at heart and believes all love stories should be celebrated with a day special to each couple.I am  friendly and professional and would be honoured to officiate the wedding of your dreams

Regional Charge: Guelph;  Kitchener; Cambridge; Rockwood and Acton

Andy Burke

I have planned many weddings, now it is my pleasure to actually be solemnizing your special day. Whether casual or elaborate your ceremony should be elegant.  I believe I can help with all your needs.

Regional Charge: Barrie

Gracie Hvidston

LOVE is LOVE is LOVE ... no explanation necessary I would love to be a part of that magical journey where the next step in a loving relationship is being realized and two individual journeys now include a third journey where respect, honour and love  are mutually expected.  Let the journey begin.

Regional Charge: Barrie

Teresa Burke

I have been performing ceremonies of various types for years, and I love it! It would give me great pleasure to help you celebrate your special day with the ceremony of your choice.

Regional Charge: Barrie

Karin Desveaux

Every love is unique; the connection that draws two people together and the story that unfolds along the way belongs to only them.  When the chapter of marriage arrives, it also reflects everything that leads two people to choose one another above all others. It is my honour to officiate your wedding in the way that is most meaningful to you

Regional Charge: Port Hope; Cobourg; Prince Edward County.

Alison Rice

In my previous career , it was my privilege to be immersed in an occupation that was both empowering and uplifting for members of the community.  With great enthusiasm I am again throwing myself into another occupation that’s filled with joy and celebration. I am eager to assist you with the creation of your ceremony. I admit that I am in love with the idea of marrying couples. What could be lovelier than helping you create your unique ceremony? I am honoured!

Regional Charge: GTA

Kaleb Robertson

I am  an experienced host, community builder, and entertainer. I want you to feel comfortable about being your authentic selves in this process, and am open to hearing about your journeys. As a proud member of the LGBTQI community, I look forward to helping others navigate the world of weddings.

Karen Brissenden

I live in the Durham region, but cover a wide geographic area to meet the needs of my clients.

The majority of my leisure time is spent learning something new and broadening my knowledge.

Teaching yoga, health and wellness coaching along with keeping up on current wedding trends are among my key interests.

I welcome working with all couples eligible to be married in Ontario.

Regional Charge: Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Port Perry, Uxbridge, Sutton, Stouffville, Markham, GTA

Christopher Simis

I  am the newest member of the Farmhouse trio. I am willing to work with couples to ensure that they have the wedding of their dreams.

Regional Charge: Barrie

Yusniel Vera

Having my paid my way through college working as a banquet server, I have been a part of numerous weddings. I am delighted by the fact that I now will be able to unite the couple in marriage.  I look forward to working with couples to make their day as special as it  should be.

Regional Charge: Innisfill.

Languages: English; Spanish

Judith Myddelton

My goal is to help you create a celebration that reflects your commitment to the people and the community you love.  I've been graced with love, marriage, children, family and loss and I appreciated the opportunity to make those significant life events a reflection of my personal community.  I'd like to help make your celebration memorable for you, too."

Regional Charge: Barrie

Sarah Clarke

Down-to-earth, practical & whimsical. I live each day with intention  and a healthy sense of humour.  I have incorporated symbolism,  and ritual into life celebrations both large and small for many years and in many contexts. I would be delighted to truly hear what you want for your special celebration and to work with you in co-creating a powerful and meaningful sacred space and sacred occasion for you.  

Area: GTA

Bianca Lazarich

I became a wedding officiant because I believe in marriage. The ups and downs and everything in between. When you have found ‘the one’ and real marriage becomes something you want to explore, not just the rings, the dress/suit, and the party - I would love the opportunity to help you seal the deal with your vows to each other whether through a big crowd or a bare minimum for those more introverted types - your vows to each other are truly what it is all about.

Regional Charge: Whitby

Lisanne Marie Claire Roy Beauchamp

A love letter is a romantic way to express heart-felt feelings in written form. Whether delivered by hand, mail, carrier pigeon, or discreetly left in a secret location, the letter can be anything from short and sweet, long and endearing. Your wedding ceremony is one of the great love letters of life. It is a genuine expression of your commitment to one another. Whether you choose to keep it private, share it with family and friends, or shout it from the rooftop, your celebration should compliment your personalities. Together, with your imagination and my expertise in wedding coordination, we’ll create an unforgettable wedding ceremony that is true to you! I look forward to bringing a voice to your love letter. 

Regional Charge: North Bay, Sudbury, Muskoka

Languages: English, French

Vinod Gera

I have chosen to become an Accredited Official for two reasons very dear to my heart; the first is the honor of bringing couples together in a happy and fulfilling marriage, something I have been grateful to experience in my own life. And the second is that 100% of the proceeds of my fees as an Official will be put towards a charity that I have established to support young women in India to gain access to education. 

Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi

Regional Charge: Markham, Richmond Hill 

Heidi Jones

Your wedding day will be one of love so energized it positively effects everyone in the room.  I am always honored when I am invited to help you deliver this experience to your cherished friends and family who are supporting you on your big day.

Regional Charge: Barrie

Jesse McNiven

My full time job is saving lives as a paramedic, part-time I love making people happy by celebrating their weddings. As an outdoors man,  I and enjoy  weddings in  a nature, setting.  I am as adventurous as you are!

Regional Charge: GTA

Maria Fernanda Sotomayor

"The most powerful spell to be loved is to love", Baltasar Gracian.

There are many ways to personalize a wedding, with phrases on napkins, walls, boards, rings, during toasts, or with the music, the place, the colors, the clothes; but the officiant must never be absent. However,the Officiant  must understand and match your need or your desire, with your personalization of the event.I became an officiant because the day I decided to say YES!, I found someone to do what I needed, and that moment was UNIQUE AND UNREPEATABLE, and I want to provide that feeling by uttering the magical words that manage to solemnize that union.

Regional Charge: Burlingto and environs

Languages: English and Spanish

Marize Silva

Being new to Canada I could nt think of a better career to pursue.  Love celebrating love.

Regional Charge: GTA

Languages:  English; Portuguese